Lectures on various lace techniques, material science and the history of lace.

Through my lectures I have already been able to take many interested people on a journey through the history of lace. Numerous pictures show us clear connections in terms of lace technology.

The lectures are also given by guest lecturers:

Keynote speaker: Martina Wolter-Kampmann

Languages: German and English

2023: Claudia Schuster on flowers in the Valenciennes Language: German

2023: Hannelore Schulte on lace-making material in Europe  Language: German

The topic Old Flemish Lace 2023

online for the OIDFA in English and French

2023: Nieves Diaz Gonzalez in Spanish

2023 Paola Notturno-Grenieri in Italian

With the purchase of the ticket you will receive a ticket in pdf format. Printed on this ticket is the invitation link to access the lecture via Zoom. Click on the link to access the lecture. It is best to save the ticket after downloading it. The doors to the lecture are always open 15 minutes before the start of the lecture.

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