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Old Flemish Laces - the crawle of all important lace from Flanders with continuoues threads

Sunday, 12. November um 17:00 Uhr

Language: English

Presenter: Martina Wolter-Kampmann

Duration: 1 hour

I invite you on a journey back in time to the 16th and 17th centuries. The history of the development of Flemish lace shows step by step the adoption and modification of special features of lace. You can see how the laces grew out of the tape laces and I felt like I was beamed back to the 17th century when I studied these beautiful laces. How can a tape lace now become a continuous lace with tendrils? You will be able to clearly retrace the connections of thread courses and the lace-making of a Binche lace might be easier for you afterwards with this understanding. The lecture is especially recommended for those interested in lace who love Flemish lace. Connections will become clear and you will understand why special connections occur at all in Flanders, Mechelen, Valenciennes, Binche and Parisian laces.
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