Ohne Klöppel keine Spitze - Online Vortrag

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Termin: 14. Oktober 2023

15:00 Uhr

language: only German

Which  lace bobbins belongs to which cushion and where was it used in this way? This lecture by Hannelore Schulte clearly shows where which bobbin lace materials developed in Europe. In the individual bobbin lace regions, people originally used the material that was available in their surroundings. In the meantime, many completely different combinations are used, but it is extremely interesting to see how these materials are actually connected. The lace, the cushion and the bobbin lace are always connected. I am pleased that Ms Schulte will be visiting my Zoom platform for the presentation, so you can buy your ticket directly in my shop as usual. After purchasing the ticket, you will receive a PDF by email from Sendowl. On it is the invitation link to the presentation. Simply click on the link on 14 October 2023 and you will then be in the meeting area where I will pick you up promptly. The door to the lecture room will be open from 14:45. I am already looking forward to this lecture. Martina Wolter-Kampmann